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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Hello everybody!Joanna here!I hust wanted to say bye from me too!

Friday, June 27, 2008

C.P.Z.C.'s CLOSING.. :(

Hello guys!

Yes, I'm closing C.P.Z.C.!

You know why.!?

I'm tired. It's summer. I want to rest with my friends and my family. I think it was my biggest mistake, that in last years September i started posting. Last year, i spent more time with computer, not with my family and friends. I liked posting, and i was thinking:" I wish i could be famous".. but now.!? I like Club Penguin alot, but i hate Thursdays and Fridays because in those days in CP is something new, and i have to post, if i want to keep my site normal. Actually i just don't want to post. I just waste my time with computer, and i don't do what i want to do. I want to play Club Penguin, chat with my friends, and do other stuff! Alot of people, who have Club Penguin cheat site, quit of Club Penguin, not of blogging. And they say that their biggest mistake is when they started playing CP. But i think, they are just wasting time in posting. Also, my parents don't liked that they saw me always using computer.

Anyway, I'm NOT telling, that if you're posting you waste your time! Maybe some peoples just want to do that! But i want to thank to some people:

Charmerry- i just was thinking.. thank you, because you made first comment that i ever had in my site. You just don't know how surprised i was, when i wanted to post the next thing, and i saw the first comment in my site! You know, all that time i was thinking that no one visits my site!

Joanna7777- Thanks alot! You were my friend all this time! You helped me, i helped you:) Keep up a good work in posting, and be sure to make your site the best;)

Yellow Puffle People,
Thanks to you! More people started to come, because you made a post about my site! That was really really sweet from you guys;* Thanks!

The Penguin Online- You guys were really great friends to me, too;) You were newbies, but you started posting very well! Actually, like professional bloggers;) And you left posting like I'm doing it now;(

Tikihead12- I want to thank you too.. ! You were good friend, and you were nice to me too!

And also, special thanks to everyone who visited this site! I have 17 000 hits! That's a big number, huh? Thanks alot! You were great!

Also, go to my blogroll, and see other cool [very cool] cheat sites, that you must see!

The best cheat sites for me.. :

~Club Penguin Cheat Gang
~Club Penguin Cheats INC
~Club Penguin Gang
~Team Club Penguin Cheats

Yea, this sites just.. ROCK! Keep up a good work, and make your site better and better!

And don't forget, that you can meet me in Club Penguin anytime! I'm usually on American servers!

~Zorbaks, C.P.Z.C. President

Friday, June 20, 2008


Hello Guys! This is totally terrible!

EARTHQUAKES IN CLUB PENGUIN! And, i think it's Klutzy's work!
Yea, it sure is Klutzy's work! Town, Coffee Shop, Book Room, Dance Club, Dance Lounge, Gift Shop.. Totally messed! Klutzy is real trouble maker. But why? Why he's doing it? And actually, how he did it? I'm pretty sure, Polar Bear is helping him! Yea, Klutzy is Polar Bears helper, don't ya remember? And we will meet Klutzy in the nest mission, I'm 100% sure!

Just better take a look:

Coffee Shop
Book Room

Dance Club Dance Lounge
Gift Shop
Everything is just.. messed up! And I'm sure, that we'll need to help stop this mess in next mission, what's coming next week, Monday!

Also, if you go to HQ, in message board is new message!

~Zorbaks,C.P.Z.C. President

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Pin- Basketball Pin!

Hello Penguin's!
New pin is here, and it's Basketball pin!

Here's how to find it:

1) Go to Pizza Parlor.
2) Click on basketball pin, in the pizza oven!
Now you have found newest pin, Basketball pin!

~Zorbaks, C.P.Z.C. President