Friday, April 4, 2008

Rockhopper's skip finished, new'spaper, New Club Penguin logo!

Hello Penguins! Rockhopper's ship, The Migrator is finished! Well, almost. It's just bit dirty. NEXT OPERATION "SWAB THE DECK"!Now, you can go into Pirate Ship, but you still can't go into Deck.

And here's what's in newspaper!
In next newspaper issue, in April 10, Aunt Artic will be an editor!
You will be able to submit articles for newspaper!

Migrator is almost done..All we have to do is.. CONTACT ROCKHOPPER!
Here's ideas for contacting Rockhopper:
  • Ring Bells?
  • Fireworks?
  • Giant Snowballs?

What do you think, what could be the best way to contack Rockhopper?

Rockhoppers journal has found, and we will be able to read it on April 11, in Book Room!

And in new'spaper is picture of this month Stage play.
Hmm.. Maybe Jungle, or Tarzan? ;)

And in new'spaper is new "PUZZLES"! In every new'spaper will be this Puzzle game! You just have to find words!

And here's events..
April 4:
  • New chlotning catalog

April 7 :

  • Aqua Grabber upgrade

April 11:

  • New play at The Stage
  • New pin hidden

And Club Penguin will change their logo!
Here's the old one..

And this is how will look new one!

April Sneak Peak! YEA,everyone knows that we will see Rockhopper again! :)

April Events:
  • A Brand New Mission!
  • The Return of Rockhopper!
  • Book Room Update!
  • New Igloo!
  • New Room!

    NEW ROOM? WOO HOO! I wonder what will ne newest room..

Before a time i sent to Club Penguin e-mail:

Dear Club Penguin Team!

I have two great ideas, and i hope you will use them!

My first idea: You did great job to furniture organizer! Now it's more easier to find items! But about player card.. When membership expires it's really hard to find non-member, head and neck items! So you should make new player-card.. ! In player could be 5 sections!

All items

Non-Member items

Head&Face&Neck items

Body&Feet items


You NEED to use this! It could be more easier to find items! It's important!

My second idea:

Club Penguin Museum! Yes, it could be like "Fan art" but it could be so fun! Everyone could submit their own pictures.. Then you could see them, and every week you could choose between 10-15 winners, then show it to public in museum..Alkl winners then could get 1000 coins! And like that- every week! I know you guys are doing very hard job! New game is fantastic, and Sub-Marine party was awesome! Decorations were great!But you need to use even player-card idea! It's really important! Thank you to all moderators! I wish you to keep up a good work! Ps. Please answer me what do you think of my ideas, please!!! Sincerely,


Ant they replied:

Hello Zorbaks,

I understand that finding certain clothing items for your penguin can be frustrating. It would sure simply things if there was an organizer like the one used for furniture.

I also like your idea about having a museum. New penguins would love to learn about the history as well as view many art submissions from fans. I will be sure to mention your idea in our next meeting. However, I cannot promise that it will be used. If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

See? Maybe it will be Museum! :)

Ok, this was to long post..